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Mother Bear Skincare

Lavender Bath Fizz ~ Bath Bomb Powder ~ Natural & Organic Ingredients

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Luxurious Foaming Bath Bomb Powder made with Epsom Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, Brazillian Purple Clay, Dry Lavender flower buds, Castor oil, Citric Acid, and Baking Soda.

 Transforms any Bath time into a spa retreat, this bath powder foams, fizzes, and bubbles while releasing a gentle fragrance into the water and air. It's made with quality organic ingredients and botanicals and will help add moisture to the water. 

Eucalyptus Bath Fizz ~ made with Epsom salt, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, French Green Clay, Castor Oil, Citric Acid, and Baking Soda.

It's gentle on sensitive skin and environmentally friendly!

Each pouch comes with approx. 4 oz. enough for 1~2 baths.

How to use: sprinkle over bath water, enjoy!


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I was looking for a) organic soap that b) didn't dry my hands out and c) didn't smell too perfumy since I have a very low tolerance for smells. This soap fit my very stringent bill! It's got a lovely texture and it leaves my hands feeling soft, not dry. And the scent is delicate and very "natural" (ie not chemical) and therefore I can easily tolerate it. Wonderful soap and I'll be ordering more. And it also arrived very quickly - bonus!