Mother Bear Skincare's Natural Laundry Detergent

Why My Natural Laundry Detergent Is better!

What makes me excited about my natural laundry detergent is that it's made with natural ingredients that are considered green and does not contribute to environment contamination. It's made with washing soda (sodium carbonate), and organic cold ~ process coconut soap and lightly scented with geranium & lavender essential oils.

Washing Soda (sodium Carbonate) is a chemical that occurs naturally in soil and water. It's gentle on the environment, your clothes and packed with natural properties to pull dirt and grime from your clothes without damaging the fibers in the clothes and wearing them down like other detergents do. 

Washing soda is highly alkaline, and can act as a solvent to remove stains. It's also used to clean out the washing machine. The washing soda works as a water softner and in addition to my homemade coconut soap will leave your clothes feeling soft and clean. My natural laundry detergent will help extend the life of your clothes because it's not damaging to the fibers in clothing. My detergent is a gentle formula packed with a powerhouse of natural cleaning properties to help remove stains, bad odors and will also help maintain a healthy environment for your washing maching. Washing soda has anti-microbal properties that will help keep your washing machine healthy! I recommend running a couple clean cycles without clothing using very hot water to maintain a healthy environment for your clothing.

I also want to talk about the cold process coconut soap included in my recipe! The stain sticks that are included in each bag of detergent are actually smaller handcut bars of my coconut soap and they are little wonders at getting out stubburn stains. The coconut soap in addition to the washing soda helps keep your clothing soft and clean and is lightly scented with geranium and lavender essential oils. It smells wonderful and is gentle for those who are sensitive to scents. My detegent is gentle on delicate skin, and a great alternative for those who can not tolerate the harsh chemicals that are in artificially made detegents. 

 Researchers from the environmental protection agency found a byproduct called 1,4-dioxane in some Tide products. The byproduct is deemed as a "probable human carcinogen". Some of the chemicals in these detergents can cause skin irritation, hormone disruption, and several other health hazards to those who use it. 

Detergents contain certain artificial fragrances made from petroleum products that provide a fragrance to clothes after washing. These fragrances are allergic and highly irritating to lungs causing serious health hazards to the people with asthma or chronic heart problems.

Most advertisements on detergents propagate the use of fragrance in their products, because the customers always stay in an illusion that their clothes are dirt free because their clothes smell good. 

My Natural Laundry Detergent comes in a recycable paper packaging that is safe for the environment and will help reduce your environmental footprint by reducing the amount of toxic plastic waste thrown into our landfills. You will feel better about keeping your family safe from harmful chemicals when you chose to go green! It's a win win. You feel healthier, you smell better, and your environment is clean! <3


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