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little one's boo boo comfort bag

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My boo boo comfort bags are filled with just the right amount of rice for little hands to hold and bend it against their knee cap, or elbow, or forehead, earache, or toothache - where ever their boo boo is. Sure to cheer up little ones as they soothe their boo boo. My boo boo comfort bags are made of 100% cotton flannel and are filled with rice and a naturally soothing blend of pine, clove, and tangerine essential oils.

This listing is for one boo boo pack and storage bag. colors may vary. Fabric pattern placement differs on each pack as shown in photos. The pack comes in a resealable plastic bag. Store the pack in your freezer and be ready to soothe those boo boos. Sealed storage is important in your freezer to eliminate unwanted food odors being absorbed into your pack.

This can also be heated in the microwave for up to 30 seconds to be used as a warm compress. ( adult please make sure not to overheat and check the temperature before use. ) These bags are also a fantastic option for children who like weighted blankets or therapeutic toys. Weighted animals are a sensory tool for all children, the animal's weight helps by giving the child better spatial awareness and calming the nervous system which regulates behavior and emotions and makes it easier to concentrate.

Care: My boo boo bags are sewn in one piece and cannot be machine washed. Spot clean only, carefully try not to get the rice wet.


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I was looking for a) organic soap that b) didn't dry my hands out and c) didn't smell too perfumy since I have a very low tolerance for smells. This soap fit my very stringent bill! It's got a lovely texture and it leaves my hands feeling soft, not dry. And the scent is delicate and very "natural" (ie not chemical) and therefore I can easily tolerate it. Wonderful soap and I'll be ordering more. And it also arrived very quickly - bonus!